Can you identify the demon before it's too late?

We are not alone..

Masks of Deception is a 6 player horror game where you must use teamwork, equipment, and sensing abilities to identify then exorcize the demon player in your group... or they will slay you first. You've been sent to disrupt and purge a demon before it claims three lives and fulfills its ritual. Be careful though, others silently patrol searching for victims outside ultraviolet protection, and some will attack only if you prompt them to.

What's the objective?

As a Purger (innocent) you'll be traveling around the entire area looking for paranormal zones to investigate, making progress towards uncovering the Demon's type. These zones appear and disappear in different locations as time goes on.

Be aware of the demons!

Simultaneously the Demon searches for demon books, and with three they can deposit them on a summoning circle, after doing so they'll be able to kill one Purger. As your party dwindles the Demon's identity will likely be exposed if you haven't learned who it was already. Time is of the essence to figure out the Demon's type, with both uncovered you can vote and cast the incantation to exorcize the Demon.

Dying means defeat?

Falling victim to one of the threats or the Demon isn't the end. After death you respawn as a Ghost with separate tasks of destroying Demon Books and collecting Sacred Pages scattered around the area. If you manage to collect all 10 Sacred Pages and turn them in you and the Purgers will exorcize the Demon.